Drinks for Bed

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It’s easy to reach for a nightcap when you have trouble falling asleep. However, those alcoholic beverages will not actually aid in sleep. They may help you fall asleep faster, but alcohol close to bedtime is linked to having a less restful slumber. You may wake up more throughout the night and have more nightmares. So rather than reaching for a nightcap, why don’t you try one of these natural drinks for bed?

Milk: although more commonly given to children, a glass of warm milk can provide a warm, calm feeling throughout the body. Milk also contains tryptophan which can aid in inducing sleep.

Chamomile Teathis tea is the Tanda teams bedtime drink of choice. Chamomile is a nerve relaxant and mild sedative promoting relaxation.

Tart Cherry Juicecherries contain melatonin which helps regulate sleep.

So if you have trouble falling asleep, try one of these beverages…. Or all three.

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