Sleep Positions

Did you know that how you sleep in bed says a lot about you? Learn about it below

  1. Fetus

The most popular position where people sleep in a curled-up manner. Women are twice as likely to sleep like this and said it was their most common sleep position. They are said to have a tough exterior but still sensitive, appearing shy but warming up quickly.

  1. Log

Sleep on your side with both arms down? You are a social, easy going person who is trusting but sometimes to the point of being gullible so watch out!

  1. Yearner

A side sleeping position with both of your arms out in front of you. These types of people tend to be open-minded but can be suspicious, stubborn, and cynical once they make a decision but end up sticking to it.

  1. Soldier

It can be said that if you sleep on your back with arms down and close to the body, you are reserved and quiet, usually holding yourself and people around you to higher standards.

  1. Freefall

Here, sleepers look like they are falling through the air as they lie on their stomach, head turned to the side, and arms either under or wrapped around the pillow. These sleepers are brash, outgoing, and can be uncomfortable with criticism.

  1. Starfish

Let’s just put it out there—nobody likes sharing a sleeping space with a starfish. They can take up the entire bed, which seems impossible sometimes, and end up invading everybody else’s space. These sleepers lie on their back with their arms near the top of the pillow or near their head (some also spread their legs out in order to maximize coverage of the bed). While they might be mattress hoggers in bed, these sleepers are uncomfortable being the center of attention, are good listeners, and helpful.


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It is said, once every 100 years a man of great intellect and ungodly charm is born. He is both courteous and patient and kind, not to mention his unmatched beauty. Boy, would I like to meet this man… Hi, I’m Scout, the official mascot and writer of Tanda Sleep. It’s a pretty cool gig.

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