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Does the Tanda mattress really work? It claims cool, but does it deliver? Here at Tanda, we put this to the test using thermal imaging software so you can see the difference. The Seek ThermalTM camera measures temperature and displays the varying levels of heat using a color coding system.  This was the perfect tool, not only to see the level of heat retention on a Tanda but how it would fare against a mattress competitor.   On the left you can see one test subject lying down on the competitor mattress, while on the right another subject is lying down on the Tanda mattress.

You will notice that the subject on the left is slightly heavier than the subject on the right. This would lead the viewer to assume that the subject on the left would emit more body heat. However, as the video goes on and the two subjects lay on the beds, you can see a visible shift in color.  This shows that no matter what the body size, our bodies naturally expel heat particularly when we come in contact with another surface.  After fifteen minutes of laying on the mattresses, both subjects get up and you can clearly see the difference in the amount of heat retention that is on the mattress. The Tanda mattress stays cool (indicated with the blue and green color) while the competitor mattress gets hot from the heat emitted from the body (indicated with yellow and orange color).

The new Tanda mattress  pulls cool air from the surrounding room and transfers it directly to the body, keeping you cool all night long. After a thermal test, the answer is clear, Tanda is one cool mattress!

The results were quite clear that the Tanda was far cooler and retained much less heat than a competitor.

For additional information, check out this study on the importance of staying cool at bedtime.



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