Allergy Relief for Better Sleep

It’s that time of year where the smallest change in the weather can cause you to have those dreaded seasonal allergies. With reports of longer pollen seasons, allergy sufferers are having a hard time getting to sleep, especially in the spring, whereas in the fall there is ragweed and mold, and in the winter, those pesty dust mites.

What is a person suffering from these allergies to do in order to get some sleep? We have some solutions for you.

Go Hazmat on Your Room

No we don’t mean go about it like it is a radiation hot spot but deep cleaning your bedroom, where allergens like to hide out, is a great place to start.

  • Vacuum all the carpets & upholstery, a HEPA vacuum cleaner will help to do the trick
  • A HEPA air purifier will help to remove dust particles floating around your room
  • Those stuffed animals you had since you were a kid, they need to be washed just like your sheets
  • Speaking of sheets, your curtains and bedding need to be washed in 130°+ in order to kill dust mites

Give Your Bud a Bath—a lot

Those cute little pets you have can be walking allergen collectors, especially their fur, from when they are on their walks, playing outside, or just lazing about in the grass. Giving your pets frequent baths helps to reduce how much allergen collects in their fur. Another useful tip, have your pet sleep outside of the bedroom—as hard as this might be, it might help make sleeping easier during your seasonal allergies.

Say No to Sleep Meds

While they might help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep, unless specifically prescribed or told to take by a doctor, can lead to a sleep that isn’t all that great. So instead of reaching for that over-the-counter sleep aid, try our other tips instead.

Have any other tips for allergen sufferers out there? Let us know in the comments below.