Couple’s Sleeping Positions

Sex positions are a thing, but have you heard of sleeping positions? This is the position that a couple will take while sleeping. It is subject to change throughout the night, but have you ever wondered what it means when your partner turns away from you while sleeping?  After all, a person can show true intentions when asleep and with their guard down. Here is a list of sleeping positions and what they mean for your relationship.

Cherish – back to back but touching

  • This position shows that you are both comfortable and relaxed in the relationship.


The Spoon – arguably the best utensil

  • One partner will take a protective stance over the other (can be interchanged)


The Liberty Lovers – back to back and not touching

  • This is the most common sleeping position. It shows trust, closeness, and independence.


The Tangle – true to its word, just a complete front-facing tangle

  • This position is more commonly seen in new relationships, as it showcases intense emotion. However, it also shows a higher level of dependency.


The Nuzzle – one person’s head is on the other’s chest

  • This position shows one partner nurturing and protecting the other.


The Leg Hug – entangled legs

  • This position depicts that your lives are completely intertwined. It also stands for a need for emotional or sexual connection.


The Space Hog – when one partner starfishes across the whole bed

  • This person tends to be selfish and dominant to a fault, so perhaps a conversation is in the works. It cannot be comfortable to sleep compressed on the edge of the bed.


How Couples Sleep

This is the age old debate that is often forgotten when starting a relationship. It takes a back seat to “who pays for the bill” and “when do I go in for the kiss?”, but after that simmers down and it’s time for bed, you may find it hard to fall asleep with a partner. Never fear, this is an epidemic plaguing 25% of couples. The mindset is that sleeping with a partner keeps the relationship alive. However, sometimes it is just difficult. And why shouldn’t it be? You now have another person breathing next to you.

Then there is the Goldilocks effect, some like it cold/some like it hot, some like it firm/some like it soft.  This leaves you waking up groggy and frustrated with your partner. Many Americans are finding that sleeping separately actually strengthens the relationship because you both have a comfortable night’s sleep.

But there is no denying that sleeping together creates a sense of safety, and according to new research, a longer life! Sleeping together lowers cortisol (stress hormone) levels, creating a less stressed individual and an overall longer lifespan.

Which is more important, a healthy relationship, or a longer life? Luckily, you don’t have to choose because there are many mattresses out there looking to benefit couple’s preferences.

What kind of sleep position do you and your partner emulate?

Bedtime Routine for Couples

There are so many perks to being in a relationship. Here are some more ways you and your partner can enjoy getting ready for bed.

Shower Together

  • Economical and fun. Showering together saves water and is a fun way to connect and relax before bed.

Go to Bed at the Same Time

  • This one is difficult, especially with different schedules. But try to set an agreed upon time that you both escape to the bedroom.

Unplug & Talk

  • Once there, don’t just stare at your computer screen. It is important to catch up and communicate, which will help to unwind.


  • There is nothing quite like it. Snuggling also increases intimacy and connectedness in couples.

Say “I Love You”

  • Always remember to say, “I love you.”