Monday Morning Blahs

Monday sucks; let’s just put it out there—especially Monday mornings. Most of us feel it Sunday afternoon; those dreaded blahs where the weekend is gone and here comes Monday once again to body slam us into reality. Now while some may be blessed with not having these blah feelings, a lot of us do.

Some research surmises that it is due to the disruptive sleep patterns that occurs over the weekend—staying up late, sleeping in, and a host of other activities that destroy any good sleep habits we did throughout the week.

It can also be as simple as not wanting to go to work or school or what ever else we are supposed to do on Monday. Sundays, unlike Saturdays, which are jam packed with errands and activities to do, are sometimes left for more quiet and chill relaxation where the blahs can hit.

But you don’t have to be like everyone else and you can learn to take Monday morning head on.

Snooze No More

We’ve said it before but don’t hit the snooze button, especially Monday morning. The alarm lets our body know that it is time to get up and by hitting the snooze button, you are delaying the inevitable and making yourself more groggy as you roll out of bed.

Get Moving

Exercise is proven to help boost energy, especially throughout the day so try to exercise at least 3 times a week. Even taking your dog for a walk will do the trick.

Your E-mail Can Wait

I promise you nothing will fall off if you don’t check your email on your phone before you get into work (in most cases at least). Monday is the start to your week and when you mentally prepare for it. E-mails can be a distraction so wait until you get to your desk to nose dive into your inbox.

Don’t Do It on a Monday

With Sunday afternoons bumming us out, Monday’s are a prime day for big decisions or people to quit their jobs. Don’t do it! Mondays make us more emotionally distraught and you might end up regretting the decision later. Give it a day so you’ll have chance to think about it and actually schedule what you want to do and say.

Get Some Results

Work on projects where you can see immediate results. Even small tasks can give us a sense of accomplishment and boost your mood during those Monday morning blues.