Sleep Mythology

Bedtime routines differ around the world, but so do myths. In America, we have Rip Van Winkle, the man who slept for twenty years. We have Sleeping Beauty, who was placed under a spell that only true love could break. But what about other cultures?

Because the name Tanda comes from Hindi origins, it seemed only fair to start there. In Hindu mythology, the god Vishnu, slept on the cosmic ocean and created the universe during sleep.

In Greek mythology, Hypnos is the personification of sleep. As the story goes, Hypnos was able to trick Zeus and put him to sleep, while he helped the Danaans win the Trojan War. The word “hypnosis” is derived from his name. This is because of the sleep-like state a person is in when they are hypnotized.

The Domovoi appears in Slavic folklore. He is a protective house spirit that watches over occupants as they sleep. If he is kept happy, he will help in household chores, but if he is angered, he acts similar to a poltergeist. His behavior tells of the future.

These are just some of the sleep myths around the world. We could go on and on, but rather than tell you the rest, how about you dream of them?